Hamburg Gender Equality Policy Framework

Hamburg Gender Equality Policy Framework

‘Self-determination and equal participation’ – that’s what the GPF is all about. The target group for the GPF consists of women and men. The equality of people with ‘diverse’ as their recorded gender, as well as transgender people, is addressed in the Action Plan. The programme sets out specific measures for Hamburg’s gender equality policy and presents current gender equality challenges for women in Hamburg. It also contains indicators for monitoring the achievement of objectives. As such, it forms the basis of equality policy work across all Hamburg authorities. It is regularly updated. We need your support because the future is only possible together!

Please share your experiences with us. Every piece of information is important in the development of new measures to help improve gender equality in Hamburg.

Your contribution is anonymous. Registration is not required. You are free to answer only one or both questions. Have you already shared your experiences with us but have since thought of something else? No problem. You can take part more than once.

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